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Are you like most PC users, who find that their computer is slow or unstable? You may find that you can't run many applications otherwise your computer will slow down. Alternatively, you may have a new computer, but it experiences random crashes and application freezes.

The main cause of most computer problems is: Low Memory and Windows resources. Memory is the most crucial element in computer speed and stability. This software helps to make your computer faster and stable by optimizing your computer's memory.

People ask us why Microsoft hasn't included this in their operating system, or why their computer technicians don't tell them of these secrets. The reason is they will find it hard to persuade you to upgrade your system to the next Windows version or to upgrade your hardware.

Release RAM enables your computer to work more efficiently. No matter how much memory you have on your computer, Release RAM will definitely help your computer work faster.

Also Release RAM's Acceleration Startup Manager makes your computer start up faster and can make it much more stable by discovering applications that can cause crashes, lockups, and slowdowns of your computer.

We guarantee the speed increase up to 150% and even more on slower systems. As a busy person can not do without a diary, your PC requires a fast and reliable memory manager in order to function properly.

Now you don't have to rush to a store and spend $100's of dollars on additional memory and a faster CPU.

Release RAM will manage your computer memory and resources so that you will forget about Windows crashes and fatal error messages, and you will not have any more troubles working with memory consuming multimedia and Internet applications. Release RAM will reduce by up to 95% the number of Windows crashes.

Acceleration Startup Manager is a great little utility to disable unwanted programs from running at startup time. This increases Windows startup time & more.

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